"Three Pearls came together, as they were united in the immortal name of art, forming a pearl necklace, portraying sheer aestheticism and elegance."

Aneez, Anita Abraham, and Jennifer Antony known as the Three Pearls, came together and concocted a group and named it Euphoria which means 'Intense Happiness'. Euphoria was formed in January, 2017.

All the three members of Euphoria are self-taught artists known for their dexterity and exquisite works of art.

Given below, is a briefing of all the members of the group, Euphoria.

Aneez, is an extremely skilled artist, known for his watercolor paintings. Nature stands as his muse for most of his works of art. Three years ago, he began to experiment his works of art with color.



Anita Abraham, is a mixed media freelance artist, who began painting at a very young age. She works mainly on oil and acrylic; Her works of art speaks volumes about her passion and dedication to art itself. All her paintings are sheer figments of her vivid and extraordinary imagination. Her works of art mainly include authentic observation created with a touch of motley patterns of artistic expression.


Jennifer Antony, is a mixed media artist who specializes in oil and acrylic on canvas and board, as well as water and poster colour on paper. The beauty and elegance of nature stands as an inspiration for her renowned works of art. Photographic images which she finds to be an eye-catcher, are also painted by her.


Euphoria, is therefore, a full-fledged group of skilled and talented artists who have joined hands to spread meaningful messages through their paintings; And to inculcate this art in many others, who hold a fondness towards the art of painting, by organizing workshops, painting classes and art competitions; To bring out the hidden talents and skills in people, young and old, by encouraging them to be a part of Euphoria headed by the Three Pearls.