In a pursuit of self realisation, I am on a journey – a journey through my own fantasies of which the destination is undefined

It’s the nature around me that evokes the artist in me and kindles my imaginations which provokes me at times. While the inherent passion is irresistibly provoked, I pick my brush to splash colours and wonder how it takes shape.

Every time I see the nature, I am compelled to pause and ponder. I get excited by the lush green foliages, the little stream that flows, the mighty mountains, the whistling breeze, stormy ocean, country roads and crowded streets. All becomes the subjects of my paintings.

A self-taught artist that I am, my experiment with colour had started 3 years back which is still going on. Every painting is a learning for me.  I am a teacher and a student at the same time and I learn through my own trials and errors.

My mother, my family and my friends were been tremendous support in this journey I thank them all and not to forget the greatest artist –the god almighty for whatever I am today.

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