Jennifer Antony

I started showing an interest towards drawing and coloring right from the age of about 4. It was my nursery teacher who encouraged me by once taking me around the entire primary school class rooms along with my drawing so that the other children got to see my drawing that my teacher called really beautiful.

Then there was no looking back. I took part in all the interschool painting competitions and won several prizes , also standing first in Bangalore for three consecutive years at the Camlin Colour Contest .
After my marriage and starting a family, painting took a back seat. But once my kids grew a little older, i started all over again. Initially i painted only to display my works at home or gift them to friends.

It was in 2008 after i began displaying my paintings on Facebook, that people started encouraging me to exhibit my works. It was after that , that i took painting more seriously and professionally. I started exhibiting and selling my works too.

Along with painting , I'm also passionate about acting , and it's been 4 years now that I have been acting in films and television.

My family has been extremely supportive and encouraging in all that i venture into.
I look forward to a successful future in the world of art and cinema.

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